Comercial Curós Fred, SL is a company specialising in the commercialisation of high-range frozen fish, seafood and semi-prepared produce, which forms part of the Curós Group, a company group working in the food sector.

We work with three product lines:






We commercialise frozen fish, mainly cephalopods (calamari, cuttlefish, octopus, squid) caught in the fishing grounds of the Moroccan coast, northeast Africa, the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean.
We control the purchasing and handling process of the product at origin, and we transport and distribute all over Spain.We work with all the standardises sizes and formats to be found in the market, mainly with origin from North Africa, for to its high quality, and of Pacific and Indian origin for its high volume.






We commercialise top-quality semi-prepared frozen products, which has the white leg shrimp as the basic ingredient.“The Select Snacks” are 3 high-quality references aimed at the restaurant and catering sector; to present as aperitifs, starters or dressings for main courses.





Our specialised line in the commercialisation of all types of top-quality seafood and crustaceans with different origins: mainly Scotland, India and Morocco. An assortment of products aimed especially at the Horeca sector.

Our infrastructure enables us to customise the presentation formats of the product and packaging that our clients require, since we have our own services at origin with the aim of adapting our product to the market demand.
We deliver the deep-frozen product in boxes that can be customised with the signature of our client and in the quantities that they require. We adapt to the requirements of our clients.