Curós Fred is currently providing logistic cold storage rental services for food products.

Services offered

Rental of refrigeration space for the storage of frozen food products.

One cold chamber of 1,000 square metres for frozen food products storage, built to store up to 1,800 pallets in sub-zero temperatures, in mobile mechanical storage shelves.

Picking and product preparation.

Loading and downloading of sea shipping containers in pallets or in bulk.

Personalized attention for each case and client.

Stock managing.

Our traceability and control system allow us to perfectly identify stored goods in line with the clients’ indications, so as to manage stocks in a fully computerised manner.

Security and control

  • Application of European regulations and quality controls.
  • Computer-based control of stock traceability.
  • Computer-based control of cold chain at a controlled temperature.
  • Computer-based control of temperature recordings.

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