• Freezing tunnels with capacity to freeze 160 tons per day at -80ºC.
  • Fully robotized, temperature-controlled shipping room.
  • Hygiene control systems at all accesses to the facility.
  • Three loading and unloading docks.
  • Capacity to adapt to the most demanding specifications of our customers.
  • Automated control and operating systems.

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Benefits of freezing at -80ºC

Curós Fred’s freezing tunnels work with a freezing temperature of -80ºC, compared to the traditional freezing systems that work at -40ºC.

What are the benefits of our freezing tunnels?
GasN2, IQS (Chemical Institute of Sarrià) and Curós Fred confirmed the benefits of freezing at -80oC in a joint study:

A lower freezing temperature and a faster freezing rate

A lower temperature provides a faster freezing speed, facilitating, thus:

  • Maintaining the shape of the cells (the location of the ice is intracellular).
  • Avoid the reverse osmosis phenomenon.
  • Better preservation of the organoleptic properties of the product.
Product characteristics are preserved better

Curós freezing technology, at -80°C, provides better preservation of product characteristics:

  • Reduced weight loss: 2.63% less weight loss when compared to traditional freezing.
  • Colour preservation: colorimetry results confirm that freezing at -80oC does not burn the meat, preserving its color.
  • Products frozen at -80oC lose 22% less water during thawing.

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